All criminals will be held accountable for their actions, the Macedonian police is here and will serve as a guardian of safety and security, said Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski late on Wednesday.

Regarding Monday’s armed attack in Skopje’s Old Bazaar that left two people dead, Minister Spasovski said it is possible it involved members of one criminal group or other groups, an aspect to be determined by the ongoing investigation.

“We are currently implementing a comprehensive operational activity called ‘Safe City’ and it focuses primarily on such criminal structures. Everything that we undertake is done in order to prevent racketeering, threats, blackmail and sale of narcotics and firearms across the city. We do this for the citizens because they deserve peace and calm,” Spasovski told MIA.

The MoI said supporters of criminal structures in all walks of life are increasingly disappointed because the police will not pardon anyone for the crime they commit.

He added that the investigation over the recent incident is carried out in cooperation with the prosecutor’s office and all new developments would be communicated with the public as soon as they are available.