Regarding the administration wages cuts proposed by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev but strongly opposed by the DUI, interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski told Alsat-M’s “Economski Magazin” that in this time of crisis, the government is not affected by politics and they have not been blackmailed by the DUI.

Asked if DUI forced the Government to do something to prevent the reduction of the public administration wages because DUI was initially against any cuts and immediately said it was against the SDSM leader’s proposal to reduce the wages to 14,500 denars. Spasovski said “politics has no role in this crisis and decision making”.

Anyone can have party views and go out and make politics. I have said, and I believe that the benefit of this crisis cannot be the basis for functioning. In times of crisis, there cannot be profit from any aspect, be it economic, political or media etc. Second, did DUI blackmail us with something? No! None of the political parties. No, because there is nothing to blackmail us with, says Spasovski.