The Ombudsman’s Office found that Oliver Spasovski was abusing the issuance of orders for the reassignment of police officers out of their their place of residence.

The Ombudsman believes that orders under the law can last up to 2 months, and not more than 20 months in succession as they occur after June 2017, Netpress reported.

After Spasovski took over the ministry, some members of the Interior Ministry who were considered to be close to VMRO-DPMNE were preassigned to other cities.

So, for example, a police officer from Veles goes to Makedonski Brod every day, and a police officers from Makedonski Brod are sent to Struga or Ohrid.

The new interim interior minister Nake Culev, in accordance with the recommendation of the ombudsman, revoked all disputed Spasovski’s orders.

In the legals service and in the Office of Former Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, there is a list of about two hundred people who have been declared ineligible and have been ordered under Article 154 each month for the purpose of mobbing for two and a half years, writes the news portal.

Also, according to unofficial information, employees were continuously blackmailed to sign a lower job decision, and if someone did not want to sign, they were reassigned by order of the minister.

There are testimonies about it.