Nikola Dimitrov, the former Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, wrote on Facebook criticizing the Government after the visit of Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov in Skopje that it spins the resolution of the dispute with “good will for Bulgaria to accept the short name”. The former foreign minister calls this a “salami” tactic.

Yesterday, they publicly admitted that they changed their approach and strategy towards Bulgaria, which firstly demolishes the hysterical attacks against me and the claims that we had no differences inside, and secondly exposes the attempt for a cheap spin that Sofia made concession (a spin that some media outlets in the country recognized well). While I was inside, I held the other approach – nothing is agreed until all issues are agreed – as my successor said publicly yesterday. The second day without me, the approach and the essence changed into a “salami” tactic, writes Dimitrov.

According to him, the Government presents the acceptance of the “short name” by Bulgaria in the negotiations for the unblocking as a success, but according to Dimitrov, this is not really the case.

They say that now with the new approach we had results immediately – Sofia “accepted” to use the short name, something that in itself is not our problem, but their and their request. In order for this unfounded request to be accepted, we sent a note to the UN that Sofia had been asking for for two years and had not received, without making any concessions.

Now these were the results with the new approach…

Let’s make it clear, no one has ever argued that such an approach would work – BUT in favor of the other side. If this new approach is being developed and culminates, no one is arguing and that a solution is possible, you guess what kind.

More about the essential damage with the note to the UN, where the attributes of the state are closed, in the next public appearance, adds Dimitrov.