The Socialist Party of Macedonia (SPM) reacted that the changes in the Macedonian police insignia with trilingual inscriptions are unconstitutional and unacceptable.

The current government led by DUI cadres, and supported by SDS cadres, is a government with the characteristics of apartheid where the minority rules the majority. Such a system does not democratize society but divides it and marginalizes the forces for its development. The illegitimate Kovacevski and Spasovski ignore that and work against the Constitution. The lack of initiative and the inability of SDS to manage have been proven, and have been confirmed by the unsuccessful and slow development during the years of their rule. That is why DUI takes over all important functions and marginalizes SDS. DUI cadres lead the most important economic and political departments and enrich Albanian businessmen and citizens who grow into oligarchs and tycoons who take over the economic power and management structure in the country. In the long run, SDS destroys Macedonia both identity-wise and economically, and with the lack of ability to manage, it destroys itself as a party. The fall of this non-national government is an imperative without which the country of Macedonia will not be able to move forward. The world is multipolar, and it is necessary to cooperate with all countries in order to economically prosper and survive. The subordination of power to DUI cadres and remaining in power at any cost is the growth of cancerous tissue that destroys the future of the state. Ignorance, incompetence, but also lucrativeness, are the main characteristics of government officials. The destruction of the future of generations with experiments in education, culture, sports, employment, and emigration makes them criminals against their own people. A normal government would not discuss the stupid Bulgarian demands, let alone accept them. Unfortunately, this alienated government shamelessly lies to its own people that there is no other solution than changing the Constitution. That is why the Socialist Party of Macedonia is looking for new elections and new cadres who will fight for their country and for the future of their citizens with sincere and honest intentions and policies, reads SPM’s reaction.