All three appeals filed by the owner of NOEL Gevgelija regarding the “Postenska Banka” case have been accepted by the Strasbourg court, lawyer Petro Janura informed.

The appeals were filed for flagrant violation of my client’s human rights, done with the investigative actions of the SPO and the court as part of the investigation into the “Postenska Banka” case. At the SPO’s request, and with the court’s acceptance, a personal search and search of the home and business premises, confiscation of my client’s travel document, and freezing of real estate were conducted. The facts point to heavy arbitrariness, that is, typical arbitrariness in the actions of the SPO and the domestic courts, the lawyer said, Akademik reports.

The manner in which this case has been decided is proof that the SPO cases are dropping in Strasbourg.

Due to the actions of the SPO and the domestic courts, my client has suffered and is still suffering harmful consequences. The aim of the European Convention on Human Rights is to protect the individual from arbitrary interference of the state with his guaranteed rights, adds Janura.