Special Prosecutor Lence Ristoska, accompanied by colleagues prosecutors, said Tuesday that the actions of individuals must not jeopardize the integrity of the proceedings of this prosecution. Ristoska addressed the public on behalf of the entire staff of the SPO. She said that today she had no contact with Katica Janeva, and that SPO’s employees learned about her resignation as soon as it was published in the public.

Today I am not here on my personal behalf only. I am here on behalf of all prosecutors, Rustemi, Donev and Fetai who are on vacation. I stand on behalf of the entire investigative team of the SPO and the expert service. I want to assure you that our primary interest is preserving integrity and that we, as employees, have always acted in accordance with the legal regulations and we have been trying to up to the task. We stand behind the work that we have done up to now, I assure you that all procedures have not been brought into question because our actions in them were within the legal regulations. I want to inform you that we are closely following the events and, of course, we express great concern, but we still urge presumption of innocence. I want to everyone should report any criminal activity, and we welcome such activities to be investigated, said Lence Ristoska.