Easter is the greatest holiday and it shall remain so, because we love our savior, we love our God. That’s why believers should always firmly believe that true hope is always in God, because Christ said “I am the path, the truth and life”. We won’t find it outside of Him, which is why we’re happy to see our believers happy, Father Saso Nikolovski of the St Clement of Ohrid cathedral church told MIA.

He told about the Russian Saint Seraphim of Sarov, who often said “Christ is risen, my joy”, always remembering the resurrection of Christ knowing that it is the event that saves humanity, knowing that Christ conquered death. It reminds us that our earthly life is just to gain heavenly eternal life.

The father, referring to the bad events that humanity has experienced in the past two years, says that they reminded us that we need to look at each other, look around, look at all the things we do and realize that we must and should to live in love with each other to find solutions to all problems.

Let this be their greatest joy, let them not be afraid to come to the homes of God, let them fulfill and let them attend in prayer before God, but also before the whole world, Father Saso told the Orthodox believers.