The State Audit Office enters the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office. Auditors have been sent several anonymous letters from prosecutors and staff complaining about the way the cases were distributed and the fees the prosecutors received. The audit was already planned as part of this year’s thematic audit, so that all prosecution offices, courts and the judiciary would be inspected, so it was not a problem to incorporate this SPO inspection, TV 24 reported. The auditors failed to provide details what they will inspect at the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Now we cannot say what will be the subject of inspection because it is a thematic audit with different topics. Our auditors decide after the initial analysis. We will inspect human resources somewhere, the financial part, the distribution of cases somewhere. Bu also the capacities of the judiciary, the prosecution, and the Ombudsman, Naser Ademi, deputy state auditor, told TV 24.

The auditors are now going to notify the SPO, as all other prosecution offices, but don’t say what might expect from them, given that the institution is left without prosecutors and without a chief.