The US State Department listed the anti-Semitic insults hurled by SDSM party activists and affiliated journalists against Rasela Mizrahi in its latest report on religious freedoms in Macedonia.

Mizrahi was named by VMRO-DPMNE as the first ever Jewish person in the Macedonian Government, but was quickly ousted as Labour and Welfare Minister by the Zaev regime, in violation of the pre-election power-sharing agreement. In the process, SDSM activists attacked Mizrahi in exceptionally foul terms, attacking her religion and evoking the Holocaust.

Mizrahi eats hummus made of dead Jews, wrote “journalist” Branko Trickovski, an outspoken supporter of SDSM and the Zaev regime, known for his frequent blood-curdling comment aimed at members of the opposition.

The State Department noted that the Public Prosecutor’s Office was notified of Trickovski’s comment, but did not press charges under the hate speech law.

Other issues named in the report include the failure to recognize the POA church led by a former bishop of the Macedonian Orthodox Church who switched allegiance to the Serbian church, and property issues with the Bekteshi community. The report also notes that the court recognized a Sunni Islamic religious community in Kumanovo which other Sunni groups have said is supportive of ISIS.