State prosecutors revealed more details about the charges announced this morning in an alleged money laundering case. The target is again former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who already faces a dozen politically motivated cases initiated by the Zaev regime.

In this instance, state prosecutors have charged a close friend of Gruevski, as well as, apparently, several former officials of the VMRO-DPMNE party, businessmen and Gruevski’s relatives. According to the allegations, Gruevski took over a million EUR from various individuals, ostensibly as party donations, and used them to purchase real-estate in Skopje.

Media outlets close to the ruling SDSM party report that the charge was approved by Lile Stefanova, who was a key member of the now disgraced Special Prosecutor’s Office, an outfit that was used by the SDSM party to grab power. Gruevski remains in Hungary where he received political asylum given the persecution he faces in Macedonia.

Gruevski issued a statement saying that, “like the earlier charges” filed against him, these are again baseless allegations with lies meant to discredit him, and “distract the public from the disastrous performance of the Government, its moves to sell away our national interests, as well as the crime and racketeering the Government is engaged in”.

Everything that is contained in the allegations is a lie and will fall before the court. Only the trauma inflicted on those that are being persecuted will remain to remind us that Macedonia leads Europe in the number of politically persecuted citizens, persecuted in order to frighten the political opponents of the Government, Gruevski said.