State prosecutors said that they may file charges against doctor Nina Caca Biljanovska, who is responsible for one of the biggest breaches of coronavirus epidemic restrictions in the country, but hasn’t been charged yet in a move that raised suspicions that she is protected by the ruling SDSM party.

Caca Biljanovska was on a ski trip to Italy as it was clear that there is an epidemic there, and refused to self-isolate at home after her return. She continued to go to work, hiding symptoms from her colleagues and eventually infected at least five employees at the Dermatology Clinic where she was director. Today it was revealed that one of the colleagues she infected is married to the head of the Ophthalmology Clinic, raising fears that she may put two major clinics out of commission.

On top of it all, Caca Biljanovska held a lecture with more than a hundred doctors from Macedonia and abroad in a restaurant in Skopje before being diagnosed with the virus.

We need to complete the necessary documents which we are asking from the Healthcare Ministry, so we can determine the number of people who were infected by her, the OJO office of state prosecutors said.

Meanwhile, dozens of people face charges and fines for violating orders to self-isolate and hundreds are being fined for breaking the overnight curfew.