In the urban part of Gazi Baba the main problems are traffic chaos, lack of parking spaces, hygiene and endangering the environment, while in the rural part it is drinking water and lack of sewage. These are some of the problems that the citizens of Gazi Baba are facing, and which the VMRO-DPMNE mayoral candidate Boban Stefkovski talks about in an interview with Republika.

Stojkovski is convinced that the projects he announces, such as new kindergartens, schools, clinics are real and achievable.

In the program we have 129 projects and sub-projects that refer to each settlement with the exact source of funding and the period when we will implement it. Gazi Baba has enough funds and we hope for the support of the City of Skopje and the state budget and we guarantee and believe that this program is realistically acievable and will be realized in the next four-year term, Stefkovski promises.

The development of the industrial zone also envisioned in the program.

The industrial zone will be for facilities of light and non-polluting industry, warehouses, and distribution centers. It covers 284 hectares and will be good for both domestic and foreign investors and to create new jobs. The location is good and I hope that in the coming period we will develop it and bring several foreign investments. Revitalization of the existing industrial zone MZT in Zelezarnica is also planned.

Stefkovski also talks about another major problem in Gazi Baba for which they have developed a detailed plan in the program.

We have to make a real cadastre of polluters but also a cadastre of greenery and to list in detail all the greenery. We are committed to having a green municipality and by ten percent we will increase all green areas and plant five hundred thousand trees. We will also provide financial support to the public utility company in Gazi Baba, which will be in charge of detecting and cleaning all illegal landfills, construction of a fecal network with wastewater treatment plants. We will also install underground containers and the most important closure of the Vardariste landfill, which is an environmental bomb not only for Gazi Baba but also for Skopje. The plan is to turn it into a sports complex with green areas. And it is very important to emphasize that I will not allow chemical waste facilities to be opened in Gazi Baba.

Evaluating the work of the current mayor, Stefkovski says that the citizens were deceived with a program “for life” but after four years the citizens have only disappointment and apathy.

His program is realized only ten percent. There is no new school in Keramidnica, a kindergarten with Singelic, Trubarevo, Indzikovo, the gas supply system has not started yet, there is no indoor pool in Hipodrom.

Stefkovski is aware that he holds a lead in the polls before Sunday’s elections, but he says that the real poll is on election day.

I expect to confirm the results in the past two election cycles where we win with about 6,000 votes and with the energy and support I see in the citizens I expect a convincing victory in the first round and a majority on the councilor list.

Stefkovski expects a victory for Danela Arsovska to jointly implement projects that are of interest to both Gazi Baba and Skopje.

Listen to the whole conversation in the video interview led by Igor Caveski