The Albanian leaders with their statements about “capitals” and “communities of Albanian municipalities” will not do anything because someone bigger than them in regional frameworks does not allow destabilization of the region and this is only preparation for what follows, which is the elections, commented the MP Ivan Stoiljkovic.

He says that a parallel should not be drawn with the Community of Serbian Municipalities because it is an international agreement mediated by the EU.

This is only for internal political use to intimidate the Macedonian people and the citizens to sit still so that they can pursue their agenda. Neither story passes. The community of Serbian municipalities has been formalized with the negotiations in Ohrid and is the obligation of Kosovo’s institutions, explains Stoiljkovic in the interview with “Republika”.

He says that parliamentary democracy does not remember such a case as the relations between DUI and SDSM.

We are an atypical democracy after what came out of the Ohrid Agreement, and that atypicality spurred new forms such as the Przino Agreement, the May Agreement, changes to the Constitution, the establishment of a language federation, and things are slowly but surely being pushed to the rails of political federalization.

Stoiljkovic is convinced that the VMRO-DPMNE coalition will have a coalition partner among Albanian parties.

When the citizens verify our victory in the next elections, the task of realizing the formation of a stable majority remains. It has to happen and it will happen. The rule of the minority by the majority cannot survive as a political process because it can cause serious consequences. They will line up in front of the door of VMRO-DPMNE and demand to be part of the new Government.

The deputy of the Democratic Party of the Serbs believes that it is an impossible option that no Albanian party would not want to form a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE after the elections and thus the formation of the future Government to be called into question.

Albanian political factors are historically dependent on their behavior in the US and this is a solvable problem. If the Macedonian people decide to remain in this group, they themselves will be to blame for what will happen to them in their political life. If what is happening is treated as the terror of the minority against the majority and inappropriate behavior of DUI against the state and the people, then ok and nothing is disputed. The citizens will have to give the last word, explains Stoiljkovic.

Stoiljkovic also explains in detail about the attempt to put the amnesty law for the events of “April 27” on the agenda and about the government’s spin that MPs from the VMRO-DPMNE coalition did not attend the vote.

The government did not allow it to be put on the agenda because the discussion would have lasted several days and all the arguments for the revision of the court processes would have been presented, and the government would have been in an unpleasant situation because the mood of the citizens is that those processes are inadequately conducted. Some MPs were on a business trip or had other obligations or were sick. The spin was not carried out by politicians from the government, but by their portals.

The MP explains that it is clear that there will be no constitutional amendments and that it is up to the next Government to repair the damage caused by SDSM and DUI.

The events in Ohrid showed that the negotiating framework is not a sacred cow and that there may be changes. And in our case, the essence is the same. If we manage to save 10-15 percent of the things that they have smeared, we will do fine both as a state and as citizens. Therefore, the fight should not stop, on the contrary, it should continue in order to achieve any change, says Stoiljkovic is convinced.

He describes the inclusion of the Bulgarians in the Constitution as the “cherry on top of the icing on the cake, and under the icing, there is a mine and we should swallow it more easily.”

This is not about including the Bulgarians in the Constitution, but about the documents that became part of the negotiating framework. If we delete all the parts of the negotiating framework, tomorrow we can include the Bulgarians in the Constitution, there is no problem.

He also explains why the Macedonians consider the Serbs as the closest people and that this is the merit of President Vucic.

There is a lot of change in Serbian politics and in the president, which means greater separation towards the region and closure of disputed issues in Macedonia, is bearing fruit. There is not a single open issue between the two countries. If Vucic is nominated in our country, he will surely win, jokes Stoiljkovic.

Listen to the entire conversation in the video interview conducted by Igor Caveski