Regarding the announced census, the Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia requires that the census commissions include two census takers of different nationality, to have two copies of the census list to prevent manipulation and to apply the Eurostat recommendation that not all citizens that hold citizenship are counted, but only residents, Ivan Stoilkovic, president of DPSM, said in an interview with the Serbian daily newspaper “Politika”.

The population census is scheduled for April, and DPSM has several amendments to the Census Law.

Because of the implementation of our recommendation, the Albanians stopped the census process in 2011 because they were not satisfied, and the number of each of the national communities is based on the 2002 census. According to this census, the number of Serbs in Macedonia is around 36,000. It will be a big fight. I expect the numbers to be confirmed and if possible to be higher, provided that we are able to control the census process. If that is not the case, we will not recognize the census, Stoilkovic said.

He says that there are various techniques for falsifying the census results and for systematically reducing the number of Serbs in Macedonia, and thus their influence in the public and political life of the country at the expense of others.