Artan Grubi manipulates the illegal construction of over 160 m² without approval! In Butel, in Radisani, the municipality has stopped the illegal construction that had started, for which there is a well-founded suspicion that Artan Grubi is behind it, and the constructor is his cousin, stressed Naum Stoilkovski from VMRO-DPMNE at today’s press conference.

Grubi is considered so powerful and above the law, that he can, with a party statement, allow construction without documents! And if crime or illegality becomes visible, he believes that he can refer to the party and the office and thus remain unpunished. An object of over 160 m² to sprout without approval and decision from the municipality! No one is against construction, nor does the ban have an ethnic background, VMRO-DPMNE is against crime, and building without documents is a crime! And that hurts Artan Grubi! Artan Grubi abuses party statements and calls for ethnically motivated actions, just because illegal construction has been stopped! When Grubi manipulates the public through party statements that someone is allegedly forbidding Albanians to build in the municipalities while abusing the Albanian ethnicity for political purposes, Artan Grubi was referring to the family’s illegal construction, a construction for which he still does not have a permit!, says Stoilkovski.

He adds that as long as Artan Grubi considers ethnicity is a profession and a basis for impunity, he is harming the state and the Albanians, and everyone in Macedonia.