Petre Silegov confirmed that he was illegally building a family building. Petre Silegov does not have a building permit. Petre Silegov goes beyond the size of the previous building and goes beyond the allowed maximum height according to the existing detailed urban plan! So to summarize, Petre Silegov is fooling the public, it took him a week to muster the courage to hold a press and say that what everyone sees – it does not exist! Reconstruction, according to the Law on Construction, means performing works within the existing size. Petre Silegov changes the size of the building, he is adding to the height and the number of floors, accuses the spokesman of VMRO-DPMNE, Naum Stoilkovski.

Стоилковски прашува: Според кој ДУП му е издадено ова решение за реконструкција кое што го извади во јавноста?

Stoilkovski asks according to which detailed urban plan was this decision for reconstruction issued, which he made public?