The lack of any progress in the investigation into the Tetovo hospital fire two months ago shows shocking lack of accountability, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski. 14 patients and family members died in the fire in the improvised hospital built by a company owned by Zoran Zaev’s former Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev. So far, the prosecutors came out with one report, indicating that the fire was caused by a defibrilator, but there are no charges or further details being shared with the public.

What was supposed to be a broader investigation, into the contracts to build 19 such hospitals by Angjusev, and the type of materials that were used in their construction, was reduced to a comment by Organized Crime Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, a Zaev loyalist, that she “found nothing in particular”.

There is nothing in particular to be shared with the families of those killed in the fire. There is nothing in particular about the wiring, the use of oxygen canisters in an improvised building, about the role of ministers Venko Filipce, Jagoda Sahpaska, deputy minister Ilir Hasani, the contractor Angjusev.. The worst tragedy in our modern history and in two months the prosecutors have nothing in particular to tell us, Stoilkovski said.