VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski during his address at Friday’s protest in front of the government building demanded the resignation of Zoran Zaev and asked Zaev if he knows why the Government of Macedonia is located on “Ilinden” boulevard.

I came here to tell you to go. You are finished. This is your last all-in game, this is the last hand of the ignorant gambler who enters a bloody game, to turn the Macedonian people into an artificial nation. There is no nation, especially not in the Balkans, whose ethnic map coincides with the political map of the country. A nation without its own minority in the neighborhood is exactly that, an artificial nation, and you [Zaev] went after that, Stoilkovski said, adding that Zaev will fail in his attempts to take away our freedom, language, history and our right to self-determination.

Zoran Zaev, I am standing here on the “Ilinden” boulevard, do you know why the Government of Macedonia is exactly located on the “Ilinden” boulevard? Because Ilinden is the foundation of Macedonia, you idiot! Ilinden is the holiday of all Macedonians, no matter how much they were divided and displaced around the world. Zoran Zaev trampled on Ilinden. Zoran Zaev dishonored the Ilinden Uprising. Zoran Zaev dishonored ASNOM. He dishonored Goce Delcev, Pitu Guli, Dame Gruev, he dishonored Brasnarov, Cento. He dishonored Koco Racin, Cvetan Dimov, Rade Jovcevski Korcagin, said Stoilkovski.

Naum Stoilkovski added that for the whole situation in which Macedonia is today and for everything that is happening to Macedonia there is only one culprit and that is Zoran Zaev.