Citizens’ health put at risk because of the incompetence of the government and Minister Filipce. We put ourselves in a situation the incompetence of Filipce to be payed with the lives of the citizens. Those who need to protect citizens from the spread of the coronavirus are a major exporter of corona. This could be the beginning of a complete collapse of the healthcare system. If the “Mother Teresa” Clinical Center falls, the whole healthcare system collapses. Citizens will be left without protection. The hot spot is expanding. In addition to the Dermatology Clinic, the Dental Clinic is being also monitored, where staff are being screened due to a case suspected of having contracted the coronavirus, Dafina Stojanoska, a member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC said at a press conference on Monday.

There is information in the public that Filipce knew for a week about the case and did not take any action. It is unacceptable for a clinic director to be in the workplace for a week, to have contact with patients and staff at the state hospital, and the same person to have contracted the coronavirus. Director Nina Caca Biljanovska, according to the testimonies of her colleagues, instead of reporting herself and being tested, she as director of the Dermatology Clinic threatened to fire her colleagues if they sad anything about the case. Imagine not only didn’t she follow the recommendations of the health organizations, but she also threatened the medical staff.  The director herself also attended a symposium with hundreds of doctors at a Skopje restaurant this weekend. Is it true that there were doctors from other countries as well? Thousands of people directly and indirectly in these few days have been in contact with the director, doctors, medical staff, patients. The incompetence becomes dangerous for citizens. We demand immediate resignation of the Minister responsible for this case, Minister Venko Filipce. Resignation immediately.