What I see in front of me tonight is a truly magnificent sight. This is proof that the time has come for progress, the time for change, the time to create a new future, now! Delcevo demands it from us, we owe it to Delcevo, said the candidate for mayor of Delcevo, Nikolco Stojmenovski at Thursday’s rally.

Stojmenovski added that he is proud to see a united people standing side by side, next to each other, as generations of Macedonians stood before the key moments when history was defined. Because today we are jointly creating the beginning of a new story about our Delcevo. It will be a story of unity, a story of understanding and tolerance, a story of many new projects, of the success of every citizen of Delcevo, he said.

He promised the citizens that Delcevo will be a municipality that will have quality drinking water in every household, a modern and contemporary street will be brought in front of every home. He knows how to deal with waste and win the fight to ensure a healthy environment. He is determined to make the municipality of Delcevo a small and efficient service for all citizens of Delcevo and potential investors who will create new jobs in the city and will improve the salaries of existing employees.

We will pay great attention, knowledge and energy to the essential local economic development of Delcevo, he said, adding that they will create a new municipal industrial development zone with benefits for all future investors.

Stojmenovski added that the central city area of Delcevo will get a completely new urban look with the construction of city streets, the sidewalk along the river Bregalnica, new bridges, parking lots with special emphasis on city greenery downtown Delcevo.