A man in his early 20s, who is a suspect in the murder of Nikola Sazdovski-Sazdo from Skopje, on Monday was extradited from Germany and handed over to relevant institutions in the country, said the Interior Ministry.

An international arrest warrant for the man was issued after being ordered by the Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The 21-year-old J.Lj. from Skopje was extradited today from Germany to Macedonia on suspicion of committing a murder in 2018, said the Interior Ministry.

The young man, together with two others, in June 2018 attacked a man, who later died from the injuries.

According to the Ministry, the sector in charge of international police cooperation had taken an array of measures to locate Jeton Ljuza. After being located, he was arrested in cooperation with the German police.

As a result of the cooperation with the German police, 50 people wanted by the Macedonia police had been arrested in Germany in the past 18 months. Some have been extradited and the procedure for the rest is under way.