Esad Rahik, the SDSM party official appointed as warden of the Sutka prison, refused to give a direct answer when asked where is former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva kept. Rumors have swirled that Janeva, who appeared disheveled during her questioning earlier this week, is not even in Sutka, but is kept in an off-site that offers much better conditions, but also allows her to negotiate a deal with Government officials who she is believed to have dirt on.

Rahik only specified that Janeva is not in the so-called “Hague wing” of the prison, built for suspected war criminals from the 2001 civil war, which offers somewhat better living conditions and more privacy.

This is all speculation. The Special Prosecutor is not in he Hague wing. Mr Jovanovski (Boki 13) is there, because he came first. It is in a way a first come first served system. Ms Katica came later and we put her in a different wing, Rahik said.

Boki 13 was photographed in prison, but the lack of such evidence or eyewitness accounts about Janeva have prompted many rumors. Unlike Janeva, Boki 13 seemed tanned and well groomed, and was dressed typically for his style, during his questioning.

Rahik had his daughter hired by Janeva in her now disbanded Special Prosecutor’s Office, and this is often raised as a reason she will get preferential treatment, although the main reason is believed to be the fact that she “knows too much” about the events of the past four years.