The government has released the feasibility study of the public-private partnership for the procurement of helicopters for medical purposes with the Swedish company “SHC Swedish Helicopter Consortium” through local “SARHEMS”.

The study provides two models for public-private partnerships, but what Secretary General Raskovski said on Wednesday was that of innovative financing.

However, both models envisage the partner to have the Petrovec Pilot Training Center available. The study estimates that the costs of managing and maintaining the facility amount to about 190 euros.

The public partner, ie the government will give the private partner to use the center for pilots, the airspace, airports and airfields in Macedonia and navigation services in the country, the study says.

The public partner, ie the state, is obliged to approve and authorize the public partner to the collect fees and charges in accordance with applicable laws, to make the training center available, to provide support for possible funding by the “Eurocontrol” and airlines, as well as permission to engage local personnel, military and civilian from public institutions.