Academician Taki Fiti referred Monday on a TV 24 show to the question of Goce Delcev’s affiliation over which dispute is being waged between the Macedonian and Bulgarian committees.

It doesn’t matter if he is Bulgarian or Macedonian, we should see why we celebrate it together. What did he do for Macedonia? He was not born in Bulgaria, but in Kukush. And even if he had wanted to declare himself a Macedonian he couldn’t because the Macedonian state didn’t exist then. We consider Goce as ours who fought for the Macedonian cause his whole life. Perhaps we will have similar problems with the Macedonian revival where we have many revolutionaries. Here is the essence of Macedonianism and we should be firm. I believe that the Macedonian revivalists will not be a problem, such as Krste Petkov Misirkov, says Academician Fiti.

As regards the textbook changes, Academician Fiti emphasized that the textbooks should be reciprocal. It can’t be one side to makes changes and the other not. MANU has 40 members and everyone has the right to their own position.

I warned that they would divide us. There were reactions in the presidency where there were patriots. On December 3, we will adopt a separate document on the Macedonian language, a charter on the Macedonian language, outlining facts and arguments. We will say that the Macedonian language exists and that we have a large number of Macedonians abroad who affirm the language. It is a living matter and must be constantly refined, Fiti said.