Everything we heard about Zaev and his involvement in the “Racket” case with the new PPO law will not be used as evidence, VMRO-DPMNE Secretary-General Igor Janusev said on TV 21’s “Click Plus” show.

All the conversations that came out and are still coming out in the public, starting with “Racket”, starting from the audio we heard, the entire Macedonian public saw that Zaev not only knew but was part of it, cannot be used as evidence, Janusev said.

He also pointed out that the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office, which was forcibly pushed by Zaev’s government, did not pass through a formal-legal aspect.

In a formal-legal aspect, the law did not pass, whether it is unfortunately or fortunately, but the fact is that the law did not pass and we have actually seen that the so-called apology by Xhaferi that a serious mistake and omission has been made and such a law cannot see the light of day, because whether the mistake intentional or unintentional the mistake was made, he says.