The Secretary General of the Alliance for Albanians and Mayor of Gostivar, Arben Taravari believes that if Alternative accepts to join the new Government, it will not last long.

Taravari after the meeting with the OSCE Ambassador, Clemens Koja, who answered reporters’ questions about the current developments in the country. Asked about the expectations from the announced meeting between Afrim Gashi and Zoran Zaev, he commented that they will respect the decision of Alternative, noting that in the previous elections as a coalition they received 82 thousand votes for, as he said, “anti DUI” policy.

A year and a half ago, Gashi and I went to the parliamentary elections and received votes from the citizens against the policies of DUI. The agreement was signed in four years and they certainly do not have to abide by it. It is their decision. We will respect their decision. If they join the government, that government will not be sustainable, because there is instability in SDSM. There are factions and there are many unfulfilled promises to coalition partners. I think that next 2022 will be an election year, Taravari said.