Arben Taravari from the Alliance of Albanians believes that SDSM and DUI already have reached a coalition agreement, but are simply creating a spectacle before the public with the daily announcements of the course of their negotiations.

Together with the one vote from DPA, this coalition would have a very unstable majority. The inclusion of DUI means it will not conduct any reforms. I doubt that SDSM can get the support from any member of Parliament from VMRO or from other parties, and that will make the ruling majority very fragile. My party has nothing to look for in such a Government, we would just compromise ourselves working with DUI, which is a cancer spreading through the organism of Macedonia, Taravari said.

SDSM and DUI yesterday denied reports that they have reached an agreement under which DUI candidate Naser Ziberi would be Prime Minister for a year, while SDSM would lead the Government for the other three years of the four year term.