The Alliance of Albanians, which is projected to win 12 seats together with its coalition partner Alternative, will be open to any combination in Parliament, provided it leads to pushing the DUI party into opposition after almost uninterrupted 18 years in power.
Arben Taravari from the Alliance of Albanians said that the party will hold a protest on Monday in Skopje, marching from the Cair district to the EU embassy and the State Electoral Commission. The party alleges that DUI was using intimidation and ballot stuffing to win more of the Albanian vote.

In the 21st century we are dealing with a political party that stuff ballot boxes. Our message is that this practice must end and that the people must be allowed to decide for themselves, Taravari said.

The party offered to give all its seats in Parliament to DUI if they can point to a single polling station in the region of Zajas – DUI’s main stronghold – where the number of actual residents will be higher than the number of ballots that were cast. Zajas is badly depopulated, with much of the citizens living in Germany, Switzerland and other European countries, but DUI is alleged to be using different tactics of stuffing the ballot boxes, including intimidation of observers.

Given the tied election results none of the two big parties has a clear shot at forming a Government, especially without DUI, which is using its kingmaker position to demand that an ethnic Albanian is appointed Prime Minister.