The Republic of Macedonia is a country with the highest mortality rate in the region, even in Europe, and it should be considered who makes the mistakes, the mayor of Gostivar, Arben Taravari said Friday on the “Sto ne e jasno” show.

Speaking about the corona pandemic in the country, he pointed out that the country is the only one in the region that does not have a strategy on what to do if 20% of those tested are positive, if 15% are positive and so on.

Macedonia is ranked the last fourth degree of success in management and I think that responsibility should be sought from someone. Macedonia is a small country and we should sit down to see who are the best epidemiologists and the most competent and if we do not change the entire commission, at least ask to expand it and call certain people regardless of which party they belong to. I see in that commission the tendency is to be party people and that is why I think we should sit down to make a team that will give us the best recommendations. The Infectious Diseases Clinic still does not have recommendations on how to treat Covid-19 patients, Taravari added.