A teacher from Radovis apologized to his pupils for signing their year end report cards printed with the name “Republic of North Macedonia”. He says it was done only after serious harassment aimed at him.

I apologize to all my students, to their parents and guardians, that I was forced, against my will, to sign their report cards with this ugly name Republic of North Macedonia, making me an accomplice in this crime against my own country, the Republic of Macedonia, and my own people. Thousands of teachers are in the same situation, they are being forced to do the same, to acknowledge this artificial and illegitimate creation, in violation of the will expressed at the referendum, wrote Tome Postolov, a teacher in the Krste Petkov Misirkov elementary school in Radovis.

Postolov adds that he faced police harassment, had his phone seized and is enduring pressures to have him fired because of his opposition to the imposed name.