Ganka Cvetanova, professor and former Minister of Culture in the Government of Ljupco Georgievski, sent an indirect message to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Ekaterina Zaharieva vie Twitter.

Tell Zaharieva that there is a Bulgarian cultural center in Macedonia opened as a result of the Agreement on Cultural Cooperation between Macedonia and Bulgaria, signed in 2002 by me, as Minister of Culture, and the then Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Solomon Passy. As for the program and work of the Bulgarian Cultural Center and how much it managed to present and bring the Bulgarian culture closer to the Macedonian citizens, the responsibility lies entirely with the Bulgarian diplomacy and foreign policy, Ganka Cvetanova tweed.

Cvetanova’s tweet comes after Zaharieva said that Bulgaria could not interfere in the reintroduction of the Serbian language in schools in Macedonia and their cultural center in the country, but that they also wanted to have a Bulgarian cultural center.