After several hours of rain in the Tetovo region, problems emerged last night on the Sipkovica – Brodec road, as well as on several city streets that were flooded due to large amounts of water accumulated on the lanes. The Sipkovica – Brodec section is blocked due to landslides and stones on the road.

After the heavy rains and the worsening weather conditions in our country, many roads on Shar Mountain are blocked. We intervened immediately, the employees of the PCO and the Firefighting Unit intervened to enable free movement of the citizens. Efforts to clean the landslides on the Sipkovica – Brodec road, near the new bridge, are underway. Unfortunately, the new bridge, which was put into operation by the previous leadership without any criteria, failed to withstand the rain, said Tetovo Mayor Bilal Kasami.

The Municipality of Tetovo informed that they managed to intervene and enable free movement for the citizens on the city streets.