The intellectual initiative for improving the quality of university education (NIRCAU) presented its extensive research in which it analyzes the works of professors at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tetovo.

In the latest issue of the publication “Veritas”, as reported by the Albanian language media, they point out that the scientific papers of at least seven university professors are plagiarized or a copy of already published works, reports 360 degrees.

In the detailed research, they point out exactly which parts of the works of professors Nexhbedin Beadini, Sheqibe Beadini, Albulena Beadini, Emira Bexheti, Mirlind Bexheti, Destan Halidi, Ekrem Ismani are not original, ie are “borrowed” from other authors.

Academic dishonesty is a problem we have been researching for months. The damage caused by it is immeasurable, because this phenomenon allows to justify the incompetence, which will then serve as such to the next generations by creating ‘normal’ standards, said the authors of the research.

They believe that the management of the University of Tetovo continues to turn a blind eye to the problem and refuses to accept that some of their professors are not authors of the works they publish as their own.