The Alliance of Albanians urged that early general elections are held as soon as possible, in order to restore hope in the country after the spectacular collapse of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO).

The SPO was the last hope that we will finally remove politics from the judiciary and we’ll create a professional institution that acts in accordance with the laws and the Constitution. Unfortunately, the latest scandal shows us that the judiciary and politics remain intertwined and this is erodign the reputation of the country in front of the international community, said Elmi Aziri from the opposition ethnic Albanian party.

Aziri named a series of corruption scandal which include officials from the ruling SDSM and DUI parties, such as the Deutsche Telekom bribes, and asked why is there no judicial action with regard to these allegations.

We need to have a meeting of the top political leaders of the ruling parties and the opposition, like the Przino meetings, and to discuss the most sensitive issues. These include the voter rolls, the law on state prosecutors, the coming census, the creation of a technical Government and holding early elections, Aziri said.

The main opposition VMRO-DPMNE party has called for early elections ever since the major racketeering scandal broke, but the Zaev Government is attempting to postpone them despite the daily flow of new allegations of involvement of top officials from his SDSM party in the scandal.