The Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski has officially contracted Covid-19. The public is already noticing that the same people from the government are going into isolation, and this is Spasovski’s third or fourth isolation. The minister who threatened with police entering homes and arresting guests during gatherings celebrating patron saints, does not take care of his health, but also the health of his associates. These photos were taken in Spasovski’s office a few days before he was tested and were publicly posted on his Facebook account.

However, this should not be surprising if the facts are taken into account, and the facts show that the government takes measures, but it does not respect them, especially Spasovski, who was interim prime minister during the state of emergency.

We rarely see the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev wearing a face mask, and the mayor of Centar showed a “bright” example by getting married in another country. Neither the coalition partner, the already deceased Amdi Bajram, respected Filipce’s measures.