The investigation into the death of Croatian handball player Denis Tot is moving to the Clinical Center, Sitel reported.

According to Sitel, the Health Inspectorate joins the investigation into the case of the death of the Croatian handball player. Extraordinary inspection of the Emergency Medical Service in the Skopje clinics is underway. Tomorrow, an inspection will be conducted in Forensic Medicine.

The complete autopsy report should be awaited at this time. When it is ready, the entire report from the extraordinary inspection will be completed and it will be handed over to the Minister, the director of the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate, Dr. Irina Sotirovska Buhova told Sitel.

The handball player died on Friday. Although initial reports said he may have died of a heart attack, an autopsy showed he died of a head and brain injury. According to Forensic Medicine, he fell on the asphalt with the back of his head and lost consciousness. Instead of helping him, the three suspects continued to hit him on the head and left him lying outside a night club in Skope’s central park.