The conciliator between SONK and the government is Trencevska’s right hand, this is a fraud, the government humiliates the teachers, accused VMR0-DPMNE.

The conciliator is a person employed in the office of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy. They cannot be an impartial party, when one of the stakeholders is the government, ie Kovacevski and his boss Trencevska. SONK is in a subordinate position, and the teachers have been degraded and humiliated, said VMRO-DPMNE.

The party emphasized that the Government has violated the Law on Peaceful Dispute Resolution.

The government is lying about the promised pay raise. The real pay raise is when the requirements of SONK are met, everything else is pressuring teachers to accept the conditions of the government, so that it has more money left for murky tenders.