The Constitutional Court decided to open an examination of the imposed name change. A number of lawyers have challenged the law with which the name change was instituted.

It came after the failed 2018 referendum, but the Zaev regime still insisted on having members of Parliament vote on the proposal. After open blackmail, pressure and bribery of members of Parliament, 81 votes were found in favor. But President Gjorge Ivanov refused the sign the bill into law. Eventually it was published in the official gazette with the signature of Speaker Talat Xhaferi.

According to the Constitution, a bill is signed into law by the President and this is the essence of the challenge. Lawyer Tome Todorovski, one of the group initiating the challenge, says that, if the Constitutional Court abolishes the law, it would be as if the name change never happened.

The court should open its discussion in 20 days.