VMRO-DPMNE called on the SDSM-DUI led Government to explain why it fast-tracked the real-estate investment by controversial Montenegrin businessman Miodrag Davidovic – Daka in Tetovo, a deal that once completed could land him 200 million EUR. Davidovic is well known for his support of pro-Russian interests in Montengro, and it is widely expected that the proceeds from the deal in Tetovo, where he is being allowed to develop the large site of the former SIK Jelak plant, will be used to support interests hostile to NATO and the European Union.

It is obvious that the Transportation Ministry fast-tracked the approval for the development, giving the all clear sign in just seven days. This will add to the urban jungle in Tetovo, with 230,000 square meters in development, 2,000 new apartments and 8,000 new citizens. Comparing the newly approved plan with the previous spatial plan, we see that previously there was no plan for dense construction there. Now nearly a quarter of the area is under high-rises. The motive for this is clear, we heard it all in the leaked audio tapes, that 300,000 EUR were paid to initiate the deal with a promise of 2 million EURto follow and 2,000 square meters to be given in bribes. SDSM and DUI need to respond who was supposed to receive these money and real-estate. We all know that Miodrag Davidovic – Daka is a controversial businessman, a major supporter of causes that oppose the Euro-Atlantic integration of the Balkan countries, including that of Macedonia. His entire business career is linked to political structures that enable him great profits in exchange for his help in pursuing their political goals, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release.

The conservative party demands answers from SDSM and DUI, which clearly approved Davidovic’s lucrative venture in Tetovo, both on the national and the municipal level.