The first irregularities have been registered in the second round of the presidential elections in Macedonia.

In the Roma neighborhood Trizla in Prilep, organized voting took place this morning, something that is forbidden on the election day.

Namely, the citizens were taken with a vehicle from their homes and brought to the polling stations, and then returned back.

The ruling political party, from which the mayor of Prilep is, is behind this organization, according to Kurir.

In Gradsko, a white van with registration plates VE **** AB is constantly circulating this morning. As we learned, it takes voters, brings them to vote, and returns them back and takes other voters.

This driver of a vehicle in Veles makes illegal actions from early this morning, taking voters at polling stations and agitating.

There is a suspicion that some of the citizens were given a bribe before they were taken to vote, organized in this way.