The French non – paper proposal regarding the EU accession process is a final warning that Macedonian politicians need to turn toward reforming the country, said Alliance of Albanians member of Parliament Arta Toci.

The document itself calls for internal reforms, and I’d say we need to wise up and begin implementing reforms. If the EU is our goal, we need to dare do it, Toci said duing a televised debate.

France vetoed the opening of EU accession talks for Macedonia and Albania in October, and now submitted a list of proposals that will change the process, making gains achieved by a country reversible. France insists that changes to the process, but also reforms to deepen the EU itself, are necessary for the enlargement to continue.

VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Ilija Dimovski, who attended the Alfa TV debate, said that clearly not only France, but other countries too had their reservations.

The impression is that reforms in the Western Balkans were done poorly and are not sufficient. This is why France is stalling the enlargement process. If a few months ago we hoped that we could join the EU in 10 years, now we can clearly say that this process will take much longer, Dimovski said.