The Government and Parliament have already begun to use the new name Republic of North Macedonia in communication with the media.

After Tuesday’s entry into force of the Treaty with Greece and the new constitutional name, it is expected that this will be done by the other state institutions as well.

The inter-ministerial working group set up by the Government to perform the obligations arising from the Prespa Agreement made decisions regarding the necessary measures and activities with time limits for their implementation.

According to the decisions, as announced by the Government of the North Republic of Macedonia, the Customs Administration should put stickers on the signboards at the border crossings, the state border and at both airports within three days, the Public Relations Sector of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia within seven days to prepare a book of graphic standards that will establish standards for visual representation of the constitutional name Republic of North Macedonia with regards to the state coat of arms as a logo used by the state institutions for public signboards at the entrance of all institutions, and the General Secretariat within seven days to develop s software that will contain all institutions at state and local level, as well as the dimensions of the public signboards.

The change of all signboards, at central and local level, should be completed within four months.

All institutions should make changes to all digital writings (logos, memoranda, electronic communications, websites, media, etc.) within three days. All institutions should accordingly modify the memoranda, printed materials, folders, indicators, within two weeks, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to replace the signboards in the Ministry, as well as seals and stamps within two weeks, and in diplomatic-consular offices within three weeks.