After the Prosecutor’s Office Organized Crime confirmed ten days ago that it had opened a case regarding the purchase of a luxury apartment in the Park Residence complex in the heart of Skopje City Park in the amount of 165,000 euros by Zoran Verusevski, no further questions were answered as to how the investigation is going. There is also no reaction from the government where Verusevski is a national security adviser, NetPress reported.

As NetPress wrote last week, at the beginning of September this year, the current security adviser to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, former UBK director Zoran Verusevski, completed the process of purchasing an apartment in a luxury complex.

It is an apartment in a complex along the Vardar river, with an area of 139 square meters, and luxuriously furnished with the most modern furniture. The pre-contract between Zoran Verusevski and the construction company “IMMOREX MACEDONIA” by Enver Maliqi, who is the current deputy mayor of the City of Skopje, was concluded on September 26 this year. Maliqi is selling to Verusevski a fully furnished apartment for 165,200 euros, or 1,188 euros per square meter.

For such an exceptionally attractive location and a fully luxuriously furnished apartment, Verusevski, obviously taking into account the prices that dominate the capital’s property market, received a great discount from Maliqi.