It’s not true that the prime minister plans to prolong tendering his resignation until December. The resignation is a clear act of taking responsibility, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s office says commenting on what they call “inaccurate press briefings” that the prime minister is planning the prolong the process.

The Government points out that consultations are underway through which the party bodies, as well as the coalition partners, with the full support of Prime Minister Zaev, are working on solutions and decisions that maintain a stable parliamentary majority, in order to ensure a Government that maintains the reform and progressive course of the country, MIA reported.

This reaction comes after the Telma’s reports that Zaev will officialize his resignation from the position in the Government at the end of December.

During the day, Republika asked for a comment from the Government’s press service on such reports, and the Government spokesman asked to send the questions via e-mail, which was respected.

-Are Telma’s reports that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will resign before New Year’s Eve true?

– If the information is correct, what is the reason for the delay of the resignation which Zaev personally announced the night after the defeat in the local elections?

However, it is obvious that the Government shows discrimination against certain media when it comes to obtaining official information, so they do not receive answers to questions, and about two hours after receiving questions from “Republika”, other media receive the requested information.