Assistance for pensioners, assistance for students… These are some of those who will receive state aid with the last, fourth set of measures. According to the latest government decision, more than 280,000 payment cards will be distributed for the purchase of domestic products. They will also be given to retirees with pensions lower than 15,000 denars, single mothers and over 83,000 passive job seekers.

None of the four sets of measures included persons with special needs and parents of children with disabilities. Those affected react, the public reacts. How and why are these measures taken? Why help retirees who regularly receive their pension, even ahead of time, and there is no help for those parents who have a reduced salary due to the coronavirus?

I have nothing against retirees receiving assistance. But I wonder why they are economically affected by the coronavirus? They receive their pension regularly, it is not reduced, it is no different from the period before the world was faced with the coronavirus which affected the economy. Specifically, I am a parent of a child with a disability. We receive 5,000 denars from the state, and the costs for exercises for the child and all the necessary care are five times higher. Due to the coronavirus crisis, my salary has been drastically reduced. From a salary that is above the average salary in the country, I am now registered for part-time work with a monthly income of 7,500 denars. And I am not included in any of the four sets of measures. People who do not pay taxes, work unregistered, received payment cards, received holiday vouchers. Students and high school students received help, while people with special needs and parents of children with disabilities did not receive a single penny from the state, said Nenad B., father of a child with disabilities.

The parents of children with disabilities are revolted that the state only mentions them when the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, or the Rare Disease Day, comes. They say then everyone takes pictures with them, making all kinds of promises. When the day passes, everything is forgotten, until next year.