The numbers of Covid-19 cases and deaths in Macedonia are growing daily. With yesterday’s new 428 cases, the number of patients reached 23,628, which is almost twelve times higher than what the Minister of Health Venko Filipce predicted at the beginning of the pandemic, of which 5,555 are active and death toll stands at 834.

With this outcome, the citizens are more and more convinced that the situation is getting out of control for the authorities, and the loss of trust can additionally have a negative impact on the whole situation and the observance of the measures that are often delayed and ineffective.

Instead of urgently adopting measures that would stop the trend of over 500 new infections daily, the Government, as it did at the beginning of the pandemic, without drawing any lessons from the past, continues to take delayed measures that, which not only hinder the citizens and exacerbate the economic crisis, they also do not bring any results because they do not act preventively but are used after the virus has done the damage in a certain segment.