In order to get 80 members of Parliament necessary for the constitutional amendments that is to say at least 10 more for that, from VMRO-DPMNE, and this is most easily done through the former prime minister and party leader Nikola Gruevski, who with his influence should play a dual role.
First is to convince the members of Parliament to vote for the entry of Bulgarians into the Constitution and the second is to introduce discord within VMRO-DPMNE which would lead to new divisions. The reward he will receive will be freedom and freedom from criminal prosecution.
This has been discussed at the highest level and it was confirmed by the leader of DUI Ahmeti and his yesterday’s party member Izet Mejiti. The plan was legal with the president Pendarovski and the structures of DUI and SDSM were supposed to be logistics and subcontractors.
But the plan failed. SDSM is also praised by several members of Parliament who do not want to vote for changing the Constitution
And DUI is deeply stuck in criminal affairs, in which in-laws, brothers-in-law, donors, brothers, cousins are involved…

And in such a situation, one thinks more about one’s own skin than the Constitution.