Regional experts have pointed to businessman Miodrag Davidovic – Daka as a key figure in the pro-Russian opposition which is on the verge of formiing the new Government in Montenegro. The businessman gained notoriety in Macedonia ahead of the general elections, when a leaked audio tape showed him discussing how he paid 300,000 EUR in bribes to people linked to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to secure a meeting with him and to advance his businesses.

Just as Zaev’s new Government was approved in late August, the Tetovo municipal council actually acted on what Davidovic paid for, and approved a major real-estate development in Tetovo, at the site of the former SIK Jelak plant, where Davidovic stands to gain 200 milllion EUR building residential and office space.

This person is a major expert in democracy and European orientation of countries, says Al Jazeera Balkans journalist Andrej Nikolaidis ironically. “He was wartime minister for Radovan Karadzic in the Serbian territorial unit of Herzegovina. What could go wrong with him in the future, he can help put together a deranged coalition in Montenegro to replace Djukanovic, led by the bishop Amfilohije, who speaks about the EU and the European civilization with utmost disgust”.

Commentator Sheki Radoncic adds that Davidovic is a major backer of the pro-Serbian interests in Montenegro, funding their activities and helping bring about their electoral success, with the coalition about to form the next Government.

Djukanovic is accused of corruption but the major movers in the opposition, based on the idea of Greater Serbia, are peopl;e who have their own problems with the law, mainly Daka Davidovic, who is a former head of the secret service in Niksic and is now involved in a major scandal in Macedonia, Radoncic said.

The nominally pro-Western Government in Macedonia approved the major real-estate deal, whose profits will likely be used to fund pro-Russian interests in the region.