Almost 30 thousand infections and thousand deaths, but even after eight months we hear the same thing from the Macedonian Minister of Health – the situation is under control, and if it is not – the people are to blame. At a time when hospitals have been rapidly filling with Covid-19 patients and other patients are praying for a bed and an appointment, Health Minister Venko Filipce arrogantly dismisses all allegations that the pandemic is being handled poorly, and to offer his resignation is the least he can do.

While in Macedonia the people are to blame and the virus is floating, although every week members of the government end up in isolation, the health ministers in the world do not turn a blind eye to the grim numbers. Minister Dr. Filipce should be well aware that grim numbers are not statistics, but human lives. But to see that, the minister doctor must also be human.

Many health ministers around the world had the virtue to admit that something went wrong in the fight against Covid-19. Thus, at the very beginning of the pandemic, only because of disagreements with President Jair Bolsonaro about what drug to use against the virus, Brazilian Health Minister Nelson Teich resigned.

In May, Romanian Health Minister Victor Costache submitted his resignation, as his proposal to test the whole population of Bucharest through a series of teams that will go door to door sparked widespread public criticism.

Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtěch also resigned following criticism over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as the country saw a surge in cases. The ministers from the Netherlands, Poland, Pakistan also decided to take such a step…

Even in New Zealand, a country that has twice successfully contained the spread of Covid-19, Health Minister David Clark stepped down.